Antigravity Batteries 16-VOLT Charger

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16V Charger The Antigravity 16 Volt Charger works with 120 or 240 voltage. Foreign countries just need an adapter for the plug. This 16 Volt Charger works with the Antigravity VTX-20 Battery and should ONLY be used for 16-VOLT Antigravity Lithium Battery. With a 4-amp charge rate it offers a fast charge and is a solid, reliable unit for maintaining Lifepo4 (16V) batteries. It can also work as a maintaining type charger for lithium if you have a vehicle with a fast parasitic drain.

16 Volt Lithium Motorsport Battery Charger

Comes with Clamps

4-AMP Charge Rate

CCCV Charging optimized for Lifepo4 Batteries used in Powersport/Motorsport vehicles with 12V systems

Short Circuit Protection

Battery Polarity Error Protection

Over Voltage Protection

Over Heat ProtectionVoltage precision to +/- 1%