Antigravity OBD 2 Memory Saver

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This is an OBD2 Memory Saver Connector for the MICRO-START XP-1. Never again lug around the big, heavy and bulky jump starter to keep the power to your vehicles OBD port while you change the battery in your vehicle. With this cable you can just take your pocket sized MICRO-START and use it as the power supply to keep all the settings in your vehicle while you change the battery. Just plug this OBD memory saver directly into the MICRO-STARTS 12v port and have the power to keep all your vehicles setting. No need for a bulky cigarette lighter connection like before... just a simple clean connection directly to a MICRO-START XP-1. Simple and convenient accessory power while you change the battery. A must have for any mechanic! This will not work with USB ports.