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Founded in 1967 REVOLUTION WHEELS is one of the leading manufacturers of Motorsport Wheels.

As the company celebrate their 41st anniversary they will be introducing the all-new "ALLU-LITE" rally wheel range. This process utilises both casting and rim forming to give improved strength whilst maintaining optimum ductility and up to 25% weight reduction. The first sizes to be manufactured using the ALLU-LITE technology will be 7.0 x 15 and 8.0 x 18 which will be available from April 2008. Additional sizes will be added to the range during the year.

Their extensive range of wheels is suitable for racing, rallying, hot rods and road use. Revolution have a long history of supplying Motorsport wheels to the World's leading drivers including Pentti Airikkala, Stig Blomqvist, Russell Brookes, Tapio Laukkanen, Austin McHale, Alister, Colin and Jimmy McRae. Tony Pond and Ari Vatanen.