Rally License

Rally License
The exam you need to pass in order to get your rally licence is called the BARS test. BARS stands for the British Association of Rally Schools. This consists of two main parts. The practical element will have you driving around a 'stage', demonstrating to your examiner that you can safely drive a car at speed around a course. You don't get points for speed, but you'll fail if you spin.

The next bit is a written test, which also has sections with no mistakes allowed. The questions are mostly 'common sense', with some real knowledge thrown in. If you've studied your learning materials properly, you'll have no problem scoring full marks on this paper. 

During the day, our instructors will be on hand to advise you on both your driving and the rules you must abide by to go stage rallying, so if your paying attention, you'll have no issues passing your BARS exam.

You'll need to do to things before you complete your BARS exam. Buy a Motorsport UK Go Rallying Starter Pack and book a day at our rally school to complete your test, both of which can be down at the links below:

Purchase Motorsport UK Go Rallying Starter Pack
Book A Test for your BARS Exam

Rally License

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